I'm a full stack freelance designer helping businesses, charities and educators create great brands and products.

What's a full stack designer?

Put simply, this means I can take your project from concept to completion without external assistance. Need a website? then I can wireframe, design and code it. Looking for an animated video? I can storyboard, illustrate and animate it. Below is how I generally work with my clients to ensure the desired outcome.

Prototype illustration showing two connected yellow lego bricks

1. Prototype
Before receiving visuals, I'll structure your content in a way that best serves your audience.

Design illustration showing a web browser window with a play button in the centre.

2. Design
Once all involved are happy that we’ve achieved a solid foundation, I’ll move on to the good stuff.

Feedback illustration showing a score of 4 out of 5 stars.

3. Feedback
I encourage feedback at all stages of a project, so really, this part of my process could slot in anywhere!

Training illustration showing a bright orange traffic cone against a blue background.

4. Training
If required or agreed in advance, I’ll travel to you and provide training to you and your staff.

Some of those I've helped

I've worked with Tesco Bank, RBS, Busy B, University of Stirling, STV, Subway, Mercedes and more. I also work closely with agencies in London, Glasgow and Edinburgh, providing overflow support.

If you run a small business and have never worked with a freelance designer before then you can learn more about the process here.